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How Do I Access Funding?

There are lots of options available for funding. If you are unsure about how to access your funding options or need help, please ask for support. 

  1. Your DL (Distributed Learner) – keep in mind that whatever your baseline amount is for September may also be increased throughout the school year. You don’t get what you don’t ask for. Ask your LC when you can request more funding to add to your budget. 

  2. Most DLs offer a budget or LRS (learner resource support) funds. These can be used to go towards camps, or help purchase consumable items for your learner throughout the year. 

  3. Some DLs offer a budget for the summer – ask about this in June and you can apply it to summer camp or BI support. 

  4. AFU – if you need help accessing the portal or creating a request to pay form, please ask. 

  5. AHP (at home programme) – this is an awesome resource once you have it. I am now privileged to be working with an amazing team of therapists who can help you to access this funding and more services. 

  6. Extended Benefits – if you have a benefits plan, find out what it covers. A lot of plans include PT, OT, SLP and sometimes even respite coverage. This can be added to the coverage you are already receiving. 

  7. In Home Care Funding through the Child Development Centre – intended to support families with extra costs of child care for children who are eligible for in-home supports. 

  8. Disability Tax Credit – Talk to your social worker to ask about how you apply for this.  Peggy Hoult is a disability tax credit facilitator. She can support you to understand how to best utilize your disability tax credit, how to register for a RDSP (register disability savings plan) and she works with families to support them with transition funding when kids are ‘aging out’ (19+) to access and advocate for funding through CLBC. She also helps families access resources like free flights for parents and caregivers to accompany their child when travelling. You can contact her at 250-756-0644 or

  9. Respite Funding – Talk to your social worker to register. I am happy to write letters of advocacy for you. 

  10. CLBC Funding – this kicks in around age 18. Again, talk to your social worker and should you need letters of support, I am happy to help you. 

  11. Jordan’s Principle – this a fantastic source of funding for First Nations Children. Please ask me for more details and I can connect you with our local representative. 

  12. The Metis Nation for BC offers a child care benefit programme for children aged birth - 8 years who are enrolled in the Metis Family connections programme. This is a monthly benefit to help Metis families with the cost of child care. These serves have been extended past the age of 8 when the child’s needs and circumstances present as ‘high risk’. You can contact them and present your story to request funding at

  13. Grants/Donations – there are lots of options to apply for grants. While this can be a time-consuming process, it often pays in the end to do the work. If you are interested in pursuing this, I can give you some leads. 

    1. A couple of great ones are: Variety Children’s Charity (

    2. CKNW Kids Fund (

    3. Bear Essentials (

Access Funding: Welcome
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