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Drawing & Coloring

Easy Ways to Help Fundraise

Help raise funds simply by doing your shopping!

Country Grocer Save-A-Tape

Save your till tapes when you shop at any Country Grocer and bring them to us. We total them up and get a $50 gift card for every $5,000 worth of receipts we submit. With grocery prices these days, that doesn't take long.

Donate your Breadcrumbs at COBS

We’re set up at COBS (Terminal and Pleasant Valley locations). You can ask to donate your breadcrumbs (points) under the Dougraiser Programme to ‘A Taste of Learning’.

Save your Returnables

We go to the recycling centre once every couple of months. This money adds up fast and we appreciate your donations. 

Donate Supplies

Some items we are always looking for are Art supplies and Cooking ingredients. If you have something you think we could use, let us know!

Seasonal and Special Events

Watch our Facebook page for seasonal and special events like cheese and preserves fundraising sales.    


Other Ways to Help

  • Maybe the place you work or volunteer would be willing to donate?

  • Approach other businesses for donation. We have donation-request letters ready to go.

  • Organize a fundraiser. We’ll get on board with spreading the word.

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