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A Wide Range of Services

Inspiring Creativity and Wisdom One Child at a Time

With years of experience as a Special Educator and Therapist, I can help you in a number of different fields.

Whether you’re looking for One-on-One support or group work or access to our out-reach team, I guarantee quality teaching services that result in my learners’ ultimate success. Get in touch today and see how I can assist you in becoming a better, more efficient learner.

Reading Braille
Teacher and Young Student


Personalized Attention

I appreciate how difficult it can be to find reliable services that focus on educational support offering small group or One-on-One lessons. With the support of distributed learners, I offer BC Certified curriculum ensuring learners have access to the highest quality education. I focus on the interests of the child and work along side learning specialists to create programmes that are interest-based, hands on and engaging.  While also offering opportunities to learn life skills, engage in the environment, cooking and food programmes and culture, learners experience social skills and the ability to become a whole person.


Compassionate Approach

As a registered integrated body physiotherapist, my approach to learning takes the mind and connects it with the body. I work with emotional boundaries helping learners to feel safe to express and within that space we can achieve more together. Many people learn by ‘doing’. This form of learning is often referred to as “kinesthetic" or somatic. By guiding children to learn to come back into their bodies, this form of learning more naturally occurs.

Drawing & Coloring

Outreach Team

Specialized Therapy to Meet Your Needs

I feel very fortunate to collaborate with an amazing outreach team. I work along side a team of fabulous professionals who support our learners in a variety of areas at the centre, in the community and in their home lives. If you are looking for additional support, I can help you connect with one of our team members: 
- Occupational Therapist
- Physiotherapist 
- Speech and Language Pathologist 
- Behaviour Consultant 
- Art Therapist 
- Yoga Therapist

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