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I am a passionate special educator with over 16 years of experience working with children who have diverse needs. I am also a registered integrated body psychotherapist seasoned in somatic experiencing and connecting the body and mind with the world around us. I come with my own unique understanding of having experienced life and childhood through the eyes of diversity and overcoming challenge and with compassion approach each individual experience with love and patience. Therapy, and may include incorporating cooking, art, play, or sports into a session in order to engage an individual in their full body experience. The programmes I seek to deliver are grounded in culture, sustainability and connected to the community. While developing social skills and life skills, with the support of district learning centres, I also offer certified BC curriculum and ensure the highest standards are met. Learners have the opportunity to participate in gardening and nutrition programmes, exploring foods and its connection to nature, community and sustainability.

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I believe that every person deserves the opportunity to learn at their own pace in an environment that is safe and conductive of learning. Only once safety has been established, including, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual safety, can learning and development begin. I am devoted to child centred learning, by supporting learners and helping them learn how to become self motivated from within to reach all their possible strengths. I believe in a collaborative approach that is founded in compassion and in turn teaches compassion.

Emily White

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Beaver Creek Cres. Nanaimo BC Canada


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